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What is a passive house? At CSC Design Studio of Lexington, KY, we are working to perfect the art of architectural design and construction of these net zero energy buildings. As the most rigorous energy standard in the world, it surprises many to learn that the ‘Passive House Standard’ has only four requirements:

• Annual Heating Demand—The annual heating demand must be less than or equal to 4.75 kBtu per square foot per year.

• Annual Cooling Demand—The annual cooling demand must be less than or equal to 4.75 kBtu per square foot per year.

• Primary Energy—The primary energy from source must be less than or equal to 38.1 kBtu per square foot per year.

• Airtight Building Envelope—The airtight building envelope must produce less than or equal to 0.6 ACH at 50 pascals pressure, as measured by a blower-door test.

These advanced results are achieved by CSC Design Studio through a number of design means, including superinsulation, airtightness of the building envelope, elimination of thermal bridges, energy recovery ventilation, and high performance windows and doors—triple glazed with insulated frames. By implementing these measures, a passive house uses only a tenth of the energy of a comparable new construction, built to current energy codes, for heating and cooling. This is truly the future of building.

Currently, CSC Design Studio is designing buildings that go beyond the ‘Passive House Standard.’ Now that we have met these ambitious goals for low energy consumption, we are succeeding in our design efforts to meet energy-neutral standards. We are now focusing on achieving net zero energy buildings; this means that the residential or commercial building produces as much energy over the course of a year as it consumed, on a net basis. Typically, this renewable energy is produced by a photovoltaic system.

By integrating a photovoltaic system into the building’s design, we are able to create a passive house and beyond.

To learn more about our innovations in net zero building design, please contact CSC Design Studio of Lexington, KY.

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