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One of the architectural specialties of CSC Design Studio, located in Lexington, KY, is in the design and construction of energy efficient buildings. Our net zero energy buildings are a perfect example of achievement in sustainable urban design. A selection of our sustainable architecture projects that achieve net zero energy includes the following:

• Raven Run Residence—Also known as the CSC Design Studio headquarters, this was the first residence that integrated passive and active solar systems, together with superinsulation and an attached greenhouse. This project was published internationally in popular and professional journals, and its innovations widely emulated. The multi-stage solar-air collection system received attention and a U.S. patent for its super-efficiency.

• Zilch House—A new and economical housing archetype became possible with the advent of Net Metering for utility-supplied electricity: affordable, net zero energy buildings. These residences, in terms of energy purchased, are net zero homes. With net metering, the electric meter runs “forward” when consuming utility power, and “backward” when the home’s own system is exporting surplus electricity back to the grid. In other words, the homeowner pays “zilch!”

• Net Zero Energy Passive House Neighborhood—As the first residential neighborhood of net zero energy buildings, this development, located in Emlyn, KY, consists of five affordable houses at 1,200 sq. ft. each. Developed by Southern Tier Housing Corporation, we provided passive house consulting for the entire project, which generates a net-positive income stream for each home.

• KY Palisades—As the first Kentucky residential passive house, this project requires 90% less energy than a typical residence of its same size for all heating and cooling. A photovoltaic system, grid intertied, has been added.

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