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At CSC Design Studio, based out of Lexington, KY, we are committed to eco friendly architecture. As one of the few practices in the country to utilize the ‘Passive House Standard,’ we subject our sustainability oriented architecture to the most rigorous standards for residential and commercial building design energy application in the world. We apply this energy efficient architecture to new construction, as well as deep energy retrofits for existing structures and buildings.

In the design and construction of sustainability driven architecture, we incorporate an integrated design approach. As such, our eco friendly architecture yields designs that utilize less energy for climate control at 90% less—and 75% less total energy (as compared to the standard numbers for new construction). When designed to such an efficient standard, all remaining energy needs for our buildings can be obtained via a photovoltaic array. This affordable measure achieves net-zero energy.

CSC Design Studio facilities themselves are headquartered in net-zero energy buildings. In 2009, we installed photovoltaic array, which has since offset our annual electricity consumption. As a versatile firm with a wealth of seamless environmental management integration and ecological design, we consider our architecture and urban development to be “sustainability-driven.”

A single building is inadequate in scale to address sustainability—though buildings account for roughly 40% of U.S. energy consumption. With higher numbers than any other sector, we understand that energy neutrality and carbon neutrality are powerful points of leverage for community development, environmental projection, energy independence, and economic advantage. We must integrate eco friendly architecture into entire communities.

After 25 years of international research and development, CSC Design Studio has developed eco friendly architecture solutions.

To learn more, please call our Lexington, KY studios and speak to our enthusiastic, knowledgeable team about our past, ongoing, and future architectural and urban design projects!

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